Nature Reserves

Date: Wednesday 14 nov 2018 - Monday 31 Dec 2018

Northern Sweden brings you deep forests to explore. There are several nature reserves for you to enjoy around Norsjö!


A nature reserve with one of the most beautiful lakes in the district. The birdlife has made this lake famous and there is a tower from witch you can admire it. Best seasons to visit is at springtime and fall. The entrance is from the road leading to Risliden. There is picknick tables and a barbecue for your pleasure.

Svansele dammängar
This reserve is a monument over Swedish nature. The nature around it has been well perserved. These summer beds where used by farmers to get nourishing hey.

Between Bjurträsk and Bäverhult lies the 1,16 hectare big reserve. When it comes to Kryddgrovan you will immediately get charmed by the area's unique beauty and lush herbaceous vegetation.

In addition to the dominant blueberry bushes you can see oak fern, melampyrum sylvaticum, chickweed, Maianthemum bifolium, sorrel, goldenrod and moneses. Furthermore there is the vanilla fragrant nornan, violet several species, and mezereon toltan. The poisonous herbs baneberry and herb Paris also grow there. Because of the hard water the herbs grow very well here. The pine forest in the reserve is approximately 160 years old.

Rörträsk silängar
If you drive the road 365 towards Glommersträsk it is a few kilometers from norrbotten limit signs to the village of Rörträsk.

An ingenious and unique irrigation system of raningarna next Petikån was built at the end of the last century. Still maintained and used parts of the meadows - mowing takes place at the same time and by the same methods as before. The water gave not only growing power but also power to the waterwheel that drove a shingle machine, water mill and the grindstone.

Visit an environmental and cultural era with extended use, a picture of bygone days smallholders and land use. In autumn 2002, Rörträsk Silängar was inaugurated as the county's first culture reserve.

Storforsen och Kron-Olles
At Malå beach, about 20 km northwest of Norsjö lies Kron-Olles. In this natural setting, you will find a log cabin break, there is the opportunity to cook and even stay overnight. Nearby is Storforsen and its nature reserve.

From the cottage outside of Bastuträsk and down to Skellefteå River meanders Karsbäcken. It is much appreciated by canoeists. In the spring when the water level is high you can paddle all the way. Some rapids are rocky though later in the summer.

Ice Age Boilers:
Between Räveln and Stavträsket outside Bastuträsk is a path that runs along the old "potholes", remnants of the ice ravages.

After road 370 between Bjurträsk and Boliden is Kedträskgruvan, the Kedträsk mine. Pass the mine and you'll get to the lake Kedträsket, where Sveaskog has a cottage for rent. The cottage is located on a sandbank, which also makes the place suitable for caravan parks.
The lake has a very nice beach.
Outside Bastuträsk Steningen is a crown croft owned by Holmen. The cottage is located at the remote Steningeträsket, holds 10 beds and a kitchen. Down by the lake there is also a sauna.
Unfortunately, the cottage is in poor condition.
Towards Risliden outside of Norsjö is the old village Arnberg.
It consists of archaic buildings that are still inhabited. In addition, there is a "source of health" just north of Arnberg which was documented as early as the 1900th century.
Petiknäs by
Petiknäs farms are scenic scattered in the hillside by the river Petikån. The village is very beautiful and in the middle of the village is a small church. It was moved there in the 1950s. In the village there is barbecue hut to use.

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