Norsjö Church

Address: Kyrkvägen 13, 93531 Norsjö

Address: Kyrkvägen 13, 93531 Norsjö

The church is a spectacular building in the center of Norsjö, you can not miss it. The wooden church offers you big space and clear beautiful colors. If not just only for a moment of silence, visit it to see some amazing ceiling paintings.

Short history: The inauguration of the new church was planned on the 15 July in the year of 1915. The church burnt down one month before. The cause remains unknown but the people of Norsjö decided to rebuild it the same year. The wooden church standing there today is that one. If you are into the story of well known icons of Norsjö, the baptism bowl is a gift from the legendary Norsjö skier Henning Isaksson.

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