Fishing in Norsjö

Date: Wednesday 14 nov 2018 - Monday 31 Dec 2018

The municipality of Norsjö consists of almost 400 lakes and waters. Therefore there are many fishing grounds to discover. Here you can find information on where you can go fishing in Norsjö, how to get a fishing license and where a fishing license isn't needed.

For more information on fishing in Norsjö, you can contact the Norsjö Tourist Office 0918-14 200 or Norsjö sportfiskeklubb (the Norsjö Sport Fishing Club) 070-232 40 19. NSFK is an active and enterprising sport fishing club with many fishing grounds that are appropriate for most fishing experiences.
Examples of information they can provide:

- different fishing grounds
- maps
- where to buy fishing licenses
- prices
- accessibility
- when fishing is allowed

The sport fishing club also works with with the restoration and stocktaking of waters in the area.

At Fromhedens fiskecamp (Fromheden Fishing Camp), 15 km west of Norsjö and adjacent to road 370, you can also try Put-and-Take fishing, that is fishing for stocked rainbow trout.

Fishing grounds in the municipality of Norsjö

The different Fishery Conservation Areas, numbered on the map:
Subject to alteration

1. Rörträsk / Bredträsk FVO (FCA)
2. Petikträsk FVO (FCA)
3. Svansele FVO (FCA)
4. Petiknäs / Gumboda FVO (FCA)
5. Norsjöån / Malån FVO (FCA)
6. Bjurträsk FVO (FCA)
7. Holmträskbygdens FVO (FCA)
8. Stora Sikträskets FVO (FCA)
9. Arnträsk / Mensträsk FVO (FCA)
10. Lill-Åmans FVO (FCA)
11. Kattisbergs FVO (FCA)
12. Risliden / Barliden FVO (FCA)
13. Malån / Skäppträskån Catch & Release fishing
14. Norsjö Sport Fishing Club
15. Örträsk Fishing Club
16. Långträsk Community Association
17. Kvammarn / Lillholmträsk / Gissträsk

Most of the fishing grounds require a fishing license. If you would like to know where to buy one, contact the Norsjö Tourist Office 0918-14 200.

Find even more information on our Google Map - Link below

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